Season Greetings

Tobias Strahl, 25 December 2017, Sarajevo

2017 without any doubt was a wild and turbulent year.

Recalling my outdoor adventures of which some are portrayed in this travellog I find myself in Northern Nigeria’s Savannah as well as in Bosnia’s beautiful mountains. From there I’d like to send Season Greetings to all my friends in North, South, East and West who are united in the ever lasting yearning for something between the lines of a text and behind the frozen image of a present gone, to all seekers of the presence in absence and vice versa.

Bjelašnica, Bele Vode. © Tobias Strahl

We have honoured the year at its end with some marvellous tours in the wintry mountains of Igman and Bjelašnica. Hikes in partially harsh conditions which disclosed one more time the tight relation of exhaustion, full satisfaction and the threatening power of the elements to me. There are new friends – human and animal – who let me walk with them for some miles and, therewith, filled my heart with love and pride. May 2018 become an even richer and fuller year for us than all the years before. And may we find the mercy of humbleness and gratitude for the unspeakable beauty we are priviledged to witness.

Oblik, seen from Bjelašnica, Bele Vode. © Tobias Strahl

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