A late Indian Summer

Tobias Strahl, 13 November 2017, Sarajevo

I have said it already somewhere – one day of the week is reserved to worship the beauty of nature.

It is our very own way of celebrating the Holy Mass – to remember Henry David Thoreau – through which we appreciate God’s creation. In Bosnia it seems the almighty was extraordinary inspired when he set up the perfect triangle of men, mountains and moonshine, of hospitality, hiking and hard liquor – the famous Bosnian Rakija.

Zwei Männer in Betrachtung der Stadt

It’s late Indian Summer in the mountains around Sarajevo – at least in the canyons where the climate is more mild than on the rough summits around which are already powdered with snow. Fikret Kahrović, our marvelous Sarajevan guide, took us this time to the Rakitnica-Trail, a hike which is now listed amongst my top-ten-hikes worldwide. The weather did its own to make the day an unforgettable experience.

Zwei Männer in Betrachtung der Stadt

The Rakitnica-Trail – depending on what exact route you choose – belongs to the tougher trails of Bosnia. With a complete descent to the bottom of the picturesque gorge one has to climb approximately 1000 meters altogether on a walk of 16 kilometers. And the terrain especially in the canyon is difficult. Nevertheless, if you come to Bosnia with time for one hike only – it should be definitely the Rakitnica-Trail.


Info: The Rakitnica is a 32 kilometers long river arising above the village Rakitnica in the Bjelašnica mountains approximately 40 kilometers South-West of Sarajevo and mounting into the Neretva river several kilometers above Jablanica. On 24 kilometers the river runs through a deep canyon famous amongst hikers and climbers. The terrain of the canyon is rough and difficult. It’s exploration is recommended only for experienced hikers with solid knowledge and equipment. If you go there for the first time, a guide is helpful. Various tours can be booked with Fikret Kahrovic (contact details are provided on request).

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